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We Provide Helping Professions with the
Tools and Resources to Become Homeowners

Courtney Coffman and Casie Krechel, founders of Keys to Change
Handing to keys to homeowner
Providing Home buyers with resources

Keys to Change Is Making Housing and Education Accessible

Our mission is to unlock access to quality housing and support the growth and community of those who dedicate their lives to serving others. This passion project reaches out to the often overlooked populations, accommodating those in the helping professions, such as healthcare professionals, educators, first responders, and social workers.

By providing resources, education, and grants to individuals working in related fields, Keys to Change is committed to assisting those in the helping professions to take the next step in their journey. Whether becoming a homeowner or advancing their education to continue their hero status, we hope to help our community heroes reach their goals. 

Certified Realtors Courtney Coffman and Casie Krechel

Meet Courtney and Casie

Courtney Coffman
Casie Krechel

Hi, we’re Courtney and Casie, and we started Keys to Change as a way to make a difference in the lives of local heroes. Our firsthand experiences as registered nurses and certified child life specialists give us the compassion to understand the burnout and fatigue caregivers encounter when taking on a greater emotional and mental load while enduring increased hours and inadequate compensation. We truly empathize with what our future beneficiaries are experiencing and the lack of support available to them while they dedicate their lives to helping others. Understanding that these professionals live under many different circumstances and may not have a hand to help with affordable housing or career advancement, we’re offering the key to a new door. Keys to Change is our passion project from our life, community, and career experiences. It is our innate desire to help people and watch them grow.

Courtney and Casie belong to the National Association of Realtors, St. Louis Association of Realtors, and we are At Home with Diversity Certified Realtors.

National Association of Realtors
At Home with Diversity
St. Louis Association of Realtors

Keys to Change Services

Keys to Change builds their foundation upon the pillars of our communities by connecting individuals and families to opportunities and resources to create a stable, brighter path forward to success. Explore our services to see how we’re helping our beneficiaries take the next step for their future.

Providing Housing Grant to Home buyer

Housing Grants

There are considerable upfront costs associated with buying and owning a home.  Our grants can give people working in helping professions assistance with costs related to purchasing a home.

Let us assist you!

Providing Education Grants

Education Grants

Keys to Changs offers grants for continuing education for advanced degrees in helping professions and trades.

We're always happy to help!

Courtney Coffman and Casie Krechel

Stay Tuned:

Services Coming Soon to Keys to Change

  • Financial Management Resources 

  • Child Care Resources 

  • Mental Health Resources   

  • Subsidized Housing

Celebrating new home ownership

Support our Mission

Your financial support allows us to make big dreams a reality for those who dedicate their lives to helping others. A single or monthly donation directly impacts our beneficiaries, assisting them with achieving the goal of homeownership or providing them an opportunity to advance their careers and continue to care for the community.

Thanks for your help. All your donations are highly appreciated!

Checkout Keys to Change Upcoming Events

  • Keys to Change Book Drive
    Keys to Change Book Drive
    Mon, Oct 02
    Teleo Coffee
    Oct 02, 11:30 AM – Dec 01, 4:30 PM
    Teleo Coffee, 132 W Monroe Ave, Kirkwood, MO 63122, USA
    Make room for new reads and pass on your beloved books for someone new to enjoy all while helping our local heroes! Donating is bound to make you feel shelfless.
  • Not All Heroes Wear Capes
    Not All Heroes Wear Capes
    Through the month of August
    Virtual Event
    Through the month of August
    Virtual Event
    Support our local heroes! Our first T-Shirt Design is ready. Now through the end of July, get a free T-Shirt with a donation of $50 or more!

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